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Royal Albert Hall
Kensington Gore
London, SW7 2AP

Roger Hodgson (formerly of Supertramp)

Saturday, 20 May (6:45 PM)
Royal Albert Hall
Kensington Gore SW7 2AP

Roger Hodgson is universally acclaimed as one of the most gifted composers and lyricists of our time. Hodgson co-founded Supertramp in 1969 and helped define a generation of progressive rock. He is the singer/songwriter of such globally successful and enduring anthems as ""The Logical Song" "Breakfast in America" "Give a Little Bit" "Take the Long Way Home" "Dreamer" "It’s Raining Again" "School", "Fool’s Overture" and many more timeless songs that helped his former band sell well over 60 million albums to date. Read more on
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