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100 Club
100 Oxford Street
London, W1D 1LL

The Fuzztones, The Galileo 7

Friday, 25 Jan (7:30 PM)
100 Club
100 Oxford Street W1D 1LL

The Fuzztones are a garage rock revival band formed in the 1980s, playing straight into the 1990s and now. Founded by singer-guitarist Rudi Protrudi in New York City in 1981, the band has gone through several member changes but is currently active in Europe. Dismissed by some critics and listeners as a "bar band" or unoriginal - and even plagaristic - they maintained a strong fan base in New York, in Europe and in Los Angeles, where Rudi would move in 1987 after the breakup of the original band, to organize a new Fuzztones. Read more on
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