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Servant Jazz Quarters
10a Bradbury Street, Dalson
London, N16 8JN

Worriedaboutsatan, Lowering (UK)

Tuesday, 05 Mar (7:30 PM)
Servant Jazz Quarters
10a Bradbury Street, Dalson N16 8JN

worriedaboutsatan is an electronic music duo, formed in 2006 in Leeds, UK by Gavin Miller & Tom Ragsdale. Their sound was initially a mixture of post rock and IDM, although their newer material is heavily influenced by minimal techno. worriedaboutsatan began as the side project for Gavin, whilst he was in Johnny Poindexter. Tom joined to make the band a duo after listening to some demos that Gavin had been putting together at his house, in late 2005. Read more on
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