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The Windmill, Brixton
22 Blenheim Gardens
Brixton, SW2 5BZ


Saturday, 26 Jan (12:00 AM)
The Windmill, Brixton
22 Blenheim Gardens SW2 5BZ

There are at least 3 artists with the name "Widows": 1. Widows were a late 70's/early 80s Finnish punk band. In 1979 they released their Wall of Berlin 7" and the next year in 1980 their LP called "Fun?" - both on Poko records. 2. Widows are a stoner rock band from Nottingham, UK. Influenced by the likes of Down, Kyuss, and Clutch they've been gathering pace and adding weight to their live sets with new songs and an ever more solid wall of sound as they prepare to release their debut full-length "Death Valley Duchess". Read more on
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