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The Islington
1 Tolpuddle Street
London, N1 0XT

Bilge Pump

Friday, 31 May (7:30 PM)
The Islington
1 Tolpuddle Street N1 0XT

Bilge Pump are a rock band from Leeds, UK, with a penchant for raucous noise and apparently bizarre song-titles and lyrics. Formed in 1994, they consist of Emlyn Jones (bass/vocals), Joe Mask (guitar/vocals) and Neil Turpin (drums). To date they have realised two full-length albums, Let Me Breathe (2002) and Rupert The Sky (2008), both released by Gringo Records. The band recorded Maida Vale sessions for John Peel's BBC radio programme: 23rd July 2003 and 16th October 2003. Read more on
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