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The Dublin Castle
94 Parkway
Camden, NW1 7AN


Wednesday, 15 May (12:00 AM)
The Dublin Castle
94 Parkway NW1 7AN

1. Funk/disco project from 1973 by French producers Pierre Bachelet and Mathias Camison. 2. Post Rock band from Tabriz, Iran. 3. is a melodic hardcore band from Richmond and Virginia Beach, Virginia. 4. A mixed A Capella group from MIT. 5. (alias of the Spanish Javier Pérez Rodríguez) is a tech house artist. 6. A Rock trio from Wolverhampton --- 2. Resonance played their first show in November of 2003 and existed until March of 2006. They released two demos and were rumored to be potential signees for a huge hardcore label out west. Read more on
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