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Vortex Jazz Club
11 Gillett Square
London, N16 8AZ


Thursday, 13 Jun (7:45 PM)
Vortex Jazz Club
11 Gillett Square N16 8AZ

There are several bands with this name: 1) LOS ANGELES, California Graviton is: Sacha Dunable - guitars, synths, vocals Darin Tambascio - guitars, bass, synths, vocals Derek Donley - drums, synths, vocals Graviton formed when Intronaut guitarist and vocalist, Sacha Dunable, approached the prog-metal duo National Sunday Law (Derek Donley and Darin Tambascio) about recording a few songs that didn’t quite fit with Intronaut. Fueled by pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) and a shared string theory fascination Read more on
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