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Beaverwood Club
Beaverwood Road
Chiselhurst, BR7 6HF

The Mods

Thursday, 07 Dec 2017 (12:00 AM)
Beaverwood Club
Beaverwood Road BR7 6HF

The Mods is the name of more than one artist: 1) Japanese punk rock band 2) 60s Swiss garage rock band 3) Canadian punk band 4) The Norwegian band "MODS" have also been labeled as The Mods 5) Finnish garage rock band 6) 60s Florida garage rock band 7) 60s Dallas/Forth Worth garage rock band 8) 60s Swiss garage rock band 9) 60s Toledo garage rock band 10) late 70s UK mod group 11) mid 1960s Dutch beat group 12) Pakistani surf rock band 1) The Mods 「ザ・モッズ」are a Japanese punk rock band, formed in 1974. Read more on Last.fm
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