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The Borderline
Orange Yard
London, W1D 4JB

Amusement Parks On Fire, Misty Coast

Saturday, 25 Nov 2017 (7:00 PM)
The Borderline
Orange Yard W1D 4JB

Amusement Parks on Fire are an English shoegaze band from Nottingham. The band was formed by Michael Feerick in 2004, who wrote and performed their self-titled debut album entirely by himself. The band has since expanded and now write and perform as a five-piece currently composed of Michael Feerick (guitar/vocals), Daniel Knowles (guitar/production), Peter Dale (drums), Gavin Poole (bass) and Joe Hardy (keyboard). Feerick wrote and recorded ten songs on a minimal budget with close friend Daniel Knowles engineering the sessions. Read more on Last.fm
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