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The Shacklewell Arms
71 Shacklewell Lane
London, E8 2EB

Montero, Eyedress

Wednesday, 15 Nov 2017 (8:00 PM)
The Shacklewell Arms
71 Shacklewell Lane E8 2EB

There are two artists with this name: 1) Montero is a new project from Melbourne comic/video artist (and Mistletone artist-in-residence) Bjenny Montero, featuring the musical smarts of Guy Blackman (Chapter Music honcho and balladeer), Geoffrey O’Connor (Crayon Fields), Cameron Potts (Ninety Nine, Baseball, Cuba Is Japan), Robert Bravington (Cuba Is Japan) and Gerald Wells (The TM Band) 2) Montero are DJ Dee McAuley and producer Graeme L. The pair have been responsible for tracks such as the 'Brazilia e. Read more on Last.fm
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