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Arches 339-340, Acton Mews
London, E8 4EA

Indian Wells

Thursday, 14 Sep 2017 (7:00 PM)
Arches 339-340, Acton Mews E8 4EA

Newcomer Indian Wells may only have one track on his SoundCloud page and may have just dropped a very limited release (only 100 copies printed, artwork above) via DIY label Bad Panda, but the producer already seems to know exactly what he's doing. Sounding something like a blend of Shlohmo's lo-fi textures and Actress' gritty techno mantras, Deuce exhibits the shadowy aesthetics, crunchy beats, and brooding soundscapes that make Indian Wells' tunes something to take notice of. Check out the rest of his Night Drops Night Drops record here. Read more on Last.fm
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