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Arches 339-340, Acton Mews
London, E8 4EA

Mo Kolours, Analog Africa

Saturday, 25 Nov 2017 (10:00 PM)
Arches 339-340, Acton Mews E8 4EA

London-based singer-percussionist Joseph Deenmamod, AKA Mo Kolours, produces an eclectic blend of mellow hip-hop influenced by the Sega music of his African roots. Sega music is a percussion-heavy blend of rattles, hand drums and triangles, and the influence is prominent throughout Kolours’ work. Mo Kolours released his debut EP in 2011. ‘EP 1: Drum Talking’ is a muted, yet hypnotic, introduction to his world, which is rife with lo-fi reggae-electro hybrids. Read more on Last.fm
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