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Under The Arches, Villiers Street
London, WC2N 6NG

Washed Out, TVAM

Thursday, 07 Dec 2017 (12:00 AM)
Under The Arches, Villiers Street WC2N 6NG

Washed Out is Ernest Greene, a young guy from Perry, Georgia, USA who makes bedroom synthpop that sounds blurred and woozily evocative. There’s a sense of longing and distance in Greene’s somber, filtered vocals, but it’s what he does compositionally that makes Washed Out stand out. Backed by gently pulsing, Balearic-tinged disco, Greene’s voice takes on a new dimension. Reminiscent of groups like The Glass and Chromatics, Washed Out is the music to end your night with Read more on Last.fm
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